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SUPERUSCHI was launched by Berlin-based artist and curator Jonny Star in March 2013. SUPERUSCHI is a further development of Star´s art projects SWEET HOME (2011 - 2013) and JONNY'S (2007 - 2009). Conceptual changes and process-oriented developments made ​​a name change necessary. The SUPERUSCHI show kitchen girls & toy boys at Rush Arts Gallery, NYC was supported by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department in 2015.

SUPERUSCHI is a not-for-profit artist initiative with a social vision.

Jonny Star develops events as an exploratory artistic act to take place in specific venues (either within private or staged private living spaces). Participating international artists and performers were given a theme to reflect upon, and with the given theme, individually or collaboratively, create material for a SUPERUSCHI show. The result is a temporary show that psychologically alters the physical location according to possibility and chance, combining the intended or unintended interactions of the space, the objects, and the artists and guests, all in the spirit of a social sculpture. In a SUPERUSCHI show, simultaneously and equally different disciplines and traditions are shown, and during the exhibition special events are organized. The participating artists are coming together at a SUPERUSCHI show for the first time or coming together on a regular basis, so a SUPERUSCHI show creates a social gathering which generated new friendships and activities. It belongs to the concept of a SUPERUSCHI show that the participating artists are present at openings and special events.

A primary concern of Jonny Star is that the guests of these shows are given the opportunity to experience being an integral part of the art, therefore increasing their awareness of the importance of the visual and performing art for an individual and for a community.

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